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So You Want To Buy A Travel Trailer?

Posted by on May 12, 2012

Well the first question you might want to ask yourself is – will you use it?

Look as a RV Sales Professional my primary objective is to help my customers find the RV that will suit their family’s needs, meet their budget and assist them in their quest of a relaxing and refreshing lifestyle.

So whether you want to start off with the basics of a tent trailer camper of go full on with the top of the line toy hauler, this is the type of investment that goes way beyond finances so long as you use it.

Once you have determined that you will use your investment wisely the second step is to ensure that your tow vehicle can handle your newly acquired unit. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least a thousand pound of leeway between your loaded camping trailer and the maximum towing capacity of your rig.

For example is your RV trailer’s dry weight is 5,500lbs – you have 4 people in your family (150 x 4) 600lbs of clothing and food – you take some emergency water  150lbs – you total weight would be about 6,250lbs. Meaning it would be in your best interest to have a vehicle capable of towing 7,250lbs or more.

That said it may be best to select the trailer prior to the tow vehicle, which will allow you to keep your options open. I’ve dealt with far too many disappointed customers who purchased the tow vehicle first only to find out later that they can’t pull the camping trailer that they really want.

As a RV will be both a financial and lifestyle investment, please make sure that you do your homework and research on the RV dealership you plan to purchase your RV from. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable dealer and talk to people that has purchased a RV from them in the past.

Then it’s time to do your homework on the products they sell. With the internet there is no reason to walk into any dealership blind. Find out how their units are constructed, how long is the units warranty, and how long has the trailer manufacturer been in business. Keep in mind RV’s are similar to cars and in the end you will get exactly what you pay for.

The more educated you are the more comfortable you will be with your sales person. In Alberta there is a strict code of ethics a dealership must adhere to (check out AMVIC). Remember a reputable dealer will have a well-trained, professional sales staff that is more than willing to assist you in finding the trailer that meets your needs.

Plan ahead – if you don’t have kids, but are looking to have kids down the road you may need more than one bed and the same goes for early empty nesters – grandkids are always a great way to maintain that youthful outlook on life.

Study the floor plans that each brand offers. Here in Canada a vented ceiling and additional insulation are great features that will extend your camping season.

And if you’ve never done this before – fear not as your dealer will or should give you a walk thru orientation prior to you departing the lot.


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This article was written by Frank (Lefty Nelson) Moffatt – Frank is a RV Sales Professional at Sunridge RV in Airdrie, AB, Canada

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